Global Classroom Chat – Global Projects, Please!

As you may have heard, The Global Classroom Project is making some big changes to the community and to the project submission process. Although we will no longer be creating and maintaining annual project wikis, we are still interested in hearing about and sharing all of the great global project ideas that you come up with and initiate with your students, fellow educators, and partner classrooms. 

With these changes in mind, this month’s chat will focus on just that – your project ideas, both past and present! Come prepared to post about successes, benefits, challenges, and roadblocks while sharing past projects and highlighting or brainstorming new ones.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 4.28.22 PM

We hope that you will engage in this chat, share your ideas, hear from others, and then consider submitting at least one of your projects via the blog’s Project Planning Template.


Q1: What are your favorite &/or the best #global projects you have created, participated in or heard about from others? #globalclassroom

Q2: What challenges or difficulties have you faced when planning or participating in #global projects? #globalclassroom

Q3: What positives & benefits did you experience as a result of creating #global projects &/or #classroomconnections? #globalclassroom

Q4: What #global project ideas do you have for this year? How will you ensure success & what advice do you have for others? #globalclassroom


Check below for the time that best fits with your zone:

Chat 1 ~ Saturday October 24, 2015

10:00 UTC (Europe/Asia/Australia)

  • 6:00 North Carolina, 11:00 London, 12:00 (noon) Cape Town, 15:30 New Delhi, 18:00 Perth, 20:00 Sydney, 22:00 Auckland
  • Click here to find out when this is in YOUR timezone.

Chat 2: Saturday October 24, 2015

23:00 UTC (Americas/Asia/Australia).

  • Saturday night USA – 16:00 Los Angeles, 19:00 New York and North Carolina
  • Sunday morning – – 07:00 Perth, 9:00 Sydney, 11:00 Auckland
  • Click here to find out when this is in YOUR timezone.

We hope to see you online this weekend. Use #globalclassroom and join in on the conversation!


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