About Us

The Global Classroom Project was co-founded in March 2011 by two teachers living on opposite sides of the world – Deb Frazier (Ohio, USA), and Michael Graffin (Perth, Western Australia). We have never met face-to-face.


Since expanding the scope of the project in June 2011, The Global Classroom Project has become a vibrant online collaborative community and global education network, helping to empower teachers and students around the world to explore new ways to connect, share, learn and collaborate globally.

We provide K-12 teachers with a global platform to find international connections and global learning opportunities, and play a vital role in supporting the growth and development of new global projects. One of these projects, The Travelling Rhino Projectwent on to win the ISTE Online Learning Award in 2014.

Please follow this blog to keep in touch with our latest news, projects, and guest posts from innovative educators around the globe.


16 thoughts on “About Us

  1. This looks great! I actually oversee the development and implementation of a new program called Integrated Global Arts (IGA). We work at an international school in the most underserved region of Denver. I’d love to stay in the loop of your developments and invite you to check out my blog. Perhaps there is room for a collaboration of some sorts…?

  2. […] About Us Welcome to The Global Classroom Project! We are building the online collaborative spaces and global network (PLN) to enable teachers and students to explore new ways to connect, share, learn an… Source: theglobalclassroomproject.wordpress.com […]

  3. […] Our #globalclassroom community includes more than 220 K-12 teachers from 32 countries around the world; and is hosting a wide range of primary (elementary), middle, and secondary global projects ( organised and run by our participants) – through to June 2012. This Global Classroom blog will be used to share the latest news, project announcements, and posts from our participants showcasing their project activities and students’ learning over the course of 2011-12. About Us | The Global Classroom Project […]

  4. I am interested in what kind of technology you use in your classrooms for students with disabilities. I am a special education teacher who would like to enhance her classroom activities.

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