#GlobalEd13 Sessions You May Have Missed

Over the course of the Global Education Conference 2013, I was lucky enough to attend several fascinating sessions and keynotes which helped me better understand the work I do … As a global educator, I learn within, from, and with a wider community, and I am a passionate believer in the power of story as a means of sharing best practice in education.

This selection of presentations is a personal one, but I think the ideas and stories they present are worth exploring, and worth sharing with a wider audience.  And if you think I missed something brilliant, please let me know in the comments! I’m happy to add to the list 🙂

Julie Lindsay – “Live, Learn, League”

“Going Global is a mindset, not a plane ticket”

As someone contemplating doing a future research project in the field of online communities and global collaboration, I particularly enjoyed Julie’s exploration of “teacherpreneur”, which is a helpful way of describing my work with #globalclassroom.

Tatyana Chernaya – A glimpse into the life of a connected EFL Teacher

I have been chatting with Tatyana for some years in Hello Little World Skypers, and her students participated in my World Water Day side project earlier this year. I knew she was an English as a Foreign Language teacher, and that she worked with children with special needs; however, I had NO idea just what a truly AMAZING job she has been doing for all of these years.

This session was a revelation – please take a few moments to watch the recording. You won’t regret it.

Heidi Hutchinson – The #Malala Project: An Attempt at a Global PBL

Heidi came to us a year or so ago with an idea. Little did we know that she was about to create an extraordinary global action project, empowering students around the world to come together to support Malala and girls’ right to an education. A somewhat controversial issue in some parts of the world, this project made quite an impact on the students and teachers involved, and we are proud to have supported it.

Stories from Hello Little World Skypers

I am indebted to Stefan Nielsen for introducing me to HLW Skypers some years ago, because this little Skype community has completely transformed my personal and professional life.

Through the conversations I’ve had with this group, I have developed very close friendships with teachers literally spread out across the globe. Signing into Skype each morning / evening, there’s usually upwards of 100 messages to scroll through, and there’s almost always someone online to chat / Skype with, or to (literally) help you teach your class. These are our stories …


Upcoming Global Classroom PD opportunities

June / July 2013 is set to be a very busy month, with #globalclassroom Lead Teachers presenting at several major international conferences – in the United States and Qatar.

The Global Education Summit (ISTE 2013)

We have no less than four GCP Lead teachers presenting at ISTE, with several presenting at the Global Education Summit prior to the main conference. We are hoping to organise an informal meet-up of #globalclassroom teachers at the Summit, and maybe even a group pic on the day … if someone brings their camera!

Sadly I won’t be attending ISTE for some years yet, but I’d like to build our presence at the Summit & ISTE over the years to come.

Session Details 

Global Education Summit (June 23; San Antonio, Texas)

Anne Mirtschin, Louise Morgan, and Lisa Parisi are running focus sessions – exploring Global Connections, Getting Started with Global Projects, and The Global Classroom Project. It’s hard to be in three places at once, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to choose!

ISTE 2013

We don’t have a dedicated Global Classroom Project presentation at ISTE this year; hopefully we can work with some of our Lead Teachers to organise something for 2014.

We do; however, have two amazingly dedicated, inspiring educators presenting at ISTE 2013, and I hope you manage to catch at least one of their sessions.

Lisa Parisi is apparently about to have an amazingly busy conference, presenting –

  • Poster Session:  Natural Disasters and Us – a presentation of our award winning project (with Donna Roman, another GCP Lead Teacher!)
  • Lecture Session: Knocking Down Walls: Making Connections with Web 2.0 tools – a session about how to use tools to connect with other classes
  • Spotlight Session: Gaming Showcase Presentation – joining with MangaHigh to share how my class uses games to learn
  • Ignite Session: Keeping It Global – Sharing how to cover curriculum while globalizing classroom


iEARN 2013 (Doha, Qatar)

The iEARN Conference marks a huge step on my own personal global journey … I never imagined that two years after co-founding the Global Classroom Project, I’d find myself presenting AND running my first Global Classroom Workshop at an international conference … in Qatar of all places. I’m looking forward to meeting a few Twitter colleagues (@iEARNUSA and @cerniglia for starters), and learning more about iEARN.

I’ll be presenting on Making Connections through the Travelling Scrapbook Project, Connecting Globally via Twitter & the #globalclassroom Chats (Workshop) & contributing to a Panel Discussion on social media connections.

If you have any questions, or are presenting yourself, please drop us a line at globalclassroomorganisers AT gmail.com or @gcporganisers.

Global Education Conference 2012: Get Involved!

Running from November 12-16, 2012, (November 17 in some time-zones) this year’s Global Education Conference will feature hundreds of presentations exploring all aspects of global collaboration.

Held entirely online in BlackBoard Collaborate (Elluminate), and running 24/7, this FREE conference promises to be an amazing opportunity for teachers to learn new ways to connect, learn, share, and collaborate globally.

The Global Classroom Project is proud to be an official Conference Partner for #GlobalEd12, and many of our community members will be presenting over the course of the conference. We’ll be announcing further details of these presentations over the coming week.

To learn more about the Conference

Visit: http://www.globaleducationconference.com/

Follow: @GlobalEdCon and the #GlobalEd12 hashtag.


How to attend a Conference Presentation

Conference Preview – Interview with Lucy Gray

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYOIk0IC?p=1 width=”550″ height=”443″]

The Student Conference Series Debuts Tomorrow!!

Forget March 7th and that thing called the iPad3…whatever that is…

The real landmark date and time is March 1st 2012, 2:20pm AEDST!

The first presentation of the Student Conference Series, a project that allows students to share their amazing work that they are doing with other students around the world!

If you would like to know more about this innovative project please visit the website at:


We all hope your students can be a part of this!

Be part of this exciting opportunity!!

[This is a guest post by Ben Gallagher, who is blogging at http://InnovatEd.global2.vic.edu.au]


Coming towards the new school year, I find my mind ticking over new things to do for the upcoming year. However I had this idea late last year, but until now I haven’t had the chance to do anything about it until now as I’ve been super busy over the holidays doing some work for the ICTEV, writing for their Playing For Real game.

So I suppose I’d better get to the idea!! With the amazing technology that is available to us, teachers frequently communicate over the internet, but what about kids from different schools communicating??

What I’m wanting to run this year is something I’d call…

The Student Conference Series

The idea of the Student Conference Series is that students would present something that they are an expert in over Elluminate and it would be made available for other students in other schools to attend!!

The idea for this came about when I had a student do a presentation for Mel Cashen’s grade at Lightning Reef Primary School in Bendigo (You can read about it here). To see the excitement in this student when he was doing it was very enlightening. Harris always new he was good at woodwork, but to be able to share his knowledge with others was very empowering for him. He worked so hard on his presentation, easily the hardest I’ve seen him work during writing for the whole year and he did an amazing job!

The Student Conference Series at this stage is still a work in progress, but for it to work I need like minded educators to put their hands up and say I want to be a part of it! So if you’re interested in being a part of this in any way (providing student presenters, have your students attend ‘conferences’), then let me know.

I envisage the conferences starting during March and probably happening during the afternoons, however if international teachers/students want to take part I can arrange that, and would be very excited! Any other questions, feel free to contact me!

You can contact me in many ways to express your interest:

email: gallagher.ben.j@edumail.vic.gov.au

twitter or twitter DM: @ben_mr_g

The Student Conference Series is creating a buzz!!

A few days ago I posted about my plans for the Student Conference Series in 2012 and there was a lot of Buzz around it! I had messages and emails from all over the country and even from a few other countries like America, India, China and Romania!

So to keep track of things, I thought I would create a bit of a mailing list so I can forward information out to people interested in this as they come to pass. At this stage I am anticipating that the conferences will begin mid to late term 1 and I will start taking student submissions in mid-February.

So if you are interested in your students taking part pass your email address on to me via twitter DM or e-mail so that I can add you to the mailing list.

email – gallagher.ben.j@edumail.vic.gov.au

twitter – @ben_mr_g